Thursday, May 10, 2012

This Is For The Class Of 2012

This is for the class of two oh one two
Mrs. Wanket has had her eye on you.

We read Malcolm X  and Catcher in the Rye
We discussed Shakespeare’s Othello and Into the Wild

We talked about the hero and the great archetypes
You embark now on the Journey and this ain't no hype

You are the hero of your own journey that starts right now today
You have all of the qualities you need so hooray.

You are strong and you are brave and you know you look good
You have both kinds of smarts: I’m talking book and ‘hood.

But listen to me now, let the old Gatekeeper speak
You must always be mighty and never be weak.

There will be Monsters in your path so you better watch out
There are those who would keep you from what you are about

There are Monsters with heads that might look good for a minute, that’s true
But listen to your heart, no sex drugs or alcohol for you!

Listen to the Wise Men and Women, your elders and your teachers
Some of us sitting beside you right now in these bleachers.

We love you and trust you to be honest and strong
Though the Divine Journey you are beginning may get hecka long.

Study hard my heroes, and hit those books
Do all of your work and stay away from the hooks

Of cheaters and haters and those who tell lies
Stay awake and alert, and please open your eyes.

The wide world is so beautiful so full of treasure and light
The wide world has your name on it, your future is bright.

Claim your adventure, class of 2012
Do your best in all things for the love of your friends and yourselves

You are my heroes, so gorgeous and true,
You are forever my heart, class of 2 thousand one two.